About Me

As an Art and Textiles teacher of 10 years it is very exciting to finally be able to do ‘big girl’ work and use my skills to create a range of products with my illustrations and classroom experience. After having the experience of developing the creative skills of others across the secondary and further education sector and completing quite focussed research as part of my MA in education, I wrote a book to encourage more engaging and creative hands on classroom based learning.. This passion for creative learning led to my range of creative craft kits to encourage people to get involved in more hands on making to balance against the modern tidal wave of technology and ‘screen based’ work. I like that the kits allow people to use their creative minds and understand the ultimate balance of relaxation and self satisfaction that comes from the quite ‘old school’ thing of making something by hand. An exciting development for 2018 is the introduction of my ‘Creative Education Kits.’ These build a little further on the theory and provide lots of embedded curriculum links within the practical making activities. It’s probably not a surprise that I believe strongly that the best education experience has a good dollop of creativity in it.. Whether you are a parent wanting to enrich your child’s schooling or whether you are part of the ever increasing network of home educators in the UK, the education kits provide lots of opportunities for creative development at home. Much the same as my mini craft kits, the education kits come with illustrated information, support sheets, materials and equipment to get stuck in. These are very much a growing thing and I am keen to make this a success over the next year to develop a wide range of learning opportunities.

On this site you will find a selection of recent images and an overview of my products and services. To purchase any of my stock items, there are links on the relevant pages to my online shop where I sell my framed doodles as well as my creative craft and education kits. I also take orders for custom illustrations, if you would like to request a personalised image for a special occasion please take a look at the examples of previous work and pop me an email through to mrsartytextiles@gmail.com to discuss your requirements.

You can also find a wider range of my current work, work in progress and information relating to new projects over on @mrsartytextiles on Instagram.

Thank you for visiting and for your patience while I add content to this site.


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