The truly inspirational Jennifer Collier…

We first came across Jennifer Collier purely by accident a couple of years ago when searching for an artist working with paper – and I have to say, she has never disappointed since..

Ms Collier is quite simply a genius with a piece of unwanted paper, what that woman can do with an old map is quite literally mind-blowing! Some of her more recent works use a much greater 3D approach with a mind-boggling  attention to the fine details of each object and have a much more refined graphical appearance to her earlier work (which, don’t get me wrong – is still fabulous!)

At GCSE my students read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ before developing their own textile outcomes based on the themes in the book. For this project – Jennifer’s work is a true inspiration. The students find that the use of book pages, found objects as well as the clothing pieces and tea cups etc. within Jennifer’s work instantly links to their own developing outcomes.

The A level students explore a variety of techniques to create their own personal outcomes in response to their own starting points.. and again Jennifer Collier is there to lend a guiding hand.

A number of students this year have used paper as their prefered material for their work – drawing inspiration from Jennifer’s work as they develop their own ideas. More recent work has included development of a laptop constructed out of magazine pages and social media papers and paper lampshades constructed from interior brochure pages .. all of which owe a great deal to the FABULOUS and truly inspiring work of Jennifer Collier.

For a closer look at Jennifer’s work go to:

For workshops and opportunities to see more of Jennifer’s work why not have a look at her gallery:

Mrs Arty-Textiles


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