Student Work: Sparkly Specimens

There is something  about a range of curious ‘specimens’ categorised in used glass jars that evokes the inner child in everyone… who didn’t try to catch a butterfly or ladybird as a child? – or, maybe for the male readers… worm or spider!??

The work created by one  of my year 13 students encourages the viewer to look and closely inspect the details on the surface of the ‘specimens’. However, on closer viewing – the surprise is that these natural looking creatures are actually constructed solely from manmade objects and components.

The Butterflies are constructed with melted plastic, glitter, wire, nails, machine stitch and glue …. a list of materials that doesn’t sound as dainty as they look when blended together!

The work is  inspired by the rather amazing work of Penny Burnfield who  uses her previous life in the medical sector  to influence her Textile Art works.

The student work also draws inspiration from the initial studies into the intricate stitch work of Claire Coles  by developing the idea of the ‘recycled materials’ used by Coles into the use of recycled plastics and stitch.

Just another example of the stitched loveliness that the students create on their ‘Arty Textiles’ journey – Hope you love these as much as I do!

Mrs Arty-Textiles

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