Student Work: ‘Trashy-Mag Technology’

Ever wondered what to do with that ‘trashy magazine’ that you purchased … and read within about 15 minutes flat!? – why not take a leaf out of this A level students book and transform it into a symbol of modern media?

The laptop is carefully constructed using a variety of materials to support the ‘keyboard’ …that to be honest resembles a ransom note more than a laptop keyboard!

The pieces created are inspired by Jennifer Collier’s 3D work – most notably her typewriter with  its intricate keys and attention to detail.

The papers are carefully selected for their colour, surface detail and size before being glued and stitched into place  to create the final outcome. The work resembles the media and the way that celebrity relationships are portrayed within all outlets of social media, tabloids and magazines.

Further works by the same student use the same methods of making to explore the ways that social media is utilised on smart phones and other hand-held technology to conduct private relationships and personal conversations  in the public  eye  …. these are presented as a series of repeated objects displaying ‘chunks’ of the conversation to engage the viewer and encourage the ‘nosey’ nature of modern society.


This body of work displays a real contemporary approach to the ‘Art Textiles’ subject with the use of recycled materials with influences from modern textile artists and social media.

Mrs Arty-Textiles

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