Following the exam theme for this years A level controlled assessments, students chose a wide range of themes. This particular student chose to explore the ways that relationships are played out in the public eye – In particular, the ways that celebrities use the media to play out their ‘relationships’… the above image shows the initial stages of project development with a rather high-profile ‘couple’ to demonstrate techniques.

The work has drawn inspiration from a variety of sources including Debbie Smyth whose techniques with pins and thread have developed student outcomes to reflect the theme.. pins stuck into photographs to symbolise the end of the relationships and linking threads between images to show the intricate web of alliances between the different individuals.

Another inspiration for this work has been the lovely work of Kirsty Whitlock. The use of current issues and images/stories from the media to fuel the theme of this project links perfectly with Kirsty’s way of working. The student work uses similar elements of machine stitch into the flat sections of the work to create textured backgrounds and communicate deeper issues relating to the theme before being embellished with pins and trailing threads.

The presentation of the student work owes a lot to the above piece by Kirsty Whitlock – This use of individual elements mounted together to tell a visual ‘story’ seemed to make perfect sense for the student developed relationship pieces .

The close up image of the student work shows the detail  created with thread to link the images together (in this case – to a rather upset looking tabloid picture of Mr Andre!)

Another VERY current piece of textile art produced by one of my incredibly talented A level students…. Hope you like it!

For a closer look at Kirsty Whitlock and her LOVELY work go to:

or find her on Facebook by searching for: Kirsty-Whitlock-Mixed-Media-Textiles

Mrs Arty-Textiles

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