Embroidery Magazine Article

For those of you enjoying  my  ramblings about the work my students create in their Art Textiles lessons, you may like to know that I have been  lucky enough to be able to write a small piece for Embroidery Magazine.

The written piece is due to feature in the September/October issue of the magazine and will include some of the rather fabulous work produced by my exam students this academic year.

The work to be featured in the article is predominantly concerned with the use of stitch produced both by hand and machine to create the surface details. Each piece of student work has been carefully considered from personal  starting points and drawn inspiration from textile artists such as Lynn Setterington, Claire Coles and Louise Baldwin to name but a few.

The stitch element of the Art Textiles course is something that the students really enjoy and seem to be able to adapt to reflect their research and their own personal practical development. Stitching is a truly versatile textile technique whether it be produced by hand or by machine – The magazine feature discusses the students relationship with this traditional technique and how they utilise it for their contemporary outcomes.

For more information  of how to obtain a copy (or even subscribe to the magazine) go to http://embroidery.embroiderersguild.com/

Happy reading!

Mrs Arty-Textiles


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