Artist Profile: Emily Notman

Emily is a Staffordshire based mixed media textile artist who makes use of all sorts of materials in her works from thread & fabrics to seashells. Emily Notman is inspired by the natural landscape creating beautiful mixed media hangings with the appearance of country meadows and a true English landscape.

On closer inspection of the hangings (that were photographed in her Staffordshire studio at Unit 12) the surface of the work has been so carefully embellished with stitches, buttons and flowers as well  as areas of delicate burning to create a visually  interesting piece that works both close up and from a distance. Emily clearly has an eye for detail and an ability to place colours and textures together very successfully to achieve her outcomes – something that any practicing maker knows is a delicate balancing act to get right!

Emily creates other nature inspired pieces as a part of her range in the form of her thread wrapped fish and mussel shells. The pieces are intriguing and evoke a feeling of the ‘inner child’ in the viewer – maybe it is just because I was obsessed with collecting mussel shells on EVERY trip to the beach as a child!? ….but I bet im not the only one!

It was  a real  pleasure to  see some of  Emily’s paper work and 2D work as well on my  trip over to Unit 12.. there is something really lovely about seeing the thought process behind the artists work, I think there’s potential for some lovely repeat patterned prints in her repertoire as well as her current 3D and mixed media work!??

Mixed media fabric and free-machined florals complete Emily’s nature inspired pieces and are created as cut outs. The fabric flowers are simple but FABULOUS – there is something quite lovely about seeing a these daisy’s, it’s as if someone has sprinkled magic textile fairy dust over them to create 3D ‘coloured-in’ drawings!


Emily has developed her work recently to  incorporate a shift in style… her work has taken inspiration from more mechanical forms including clocks and my personal favourite – robots!

Emily’s mixed media work is truly LOVELY and manages to fuse together everything that is great about textiles and illustration into one FABULOUS package!

for a closer look at Emily’s work go to her website: or go and visit her in person at Unit 12 in Tixall, Stafford  (for directions go to )

Mrs Arty-Textiles



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