Gallery Visit: The ‘Found’ private view at Unit 12

I had another thoroughly LOVELY afternoon at Unit 12 near Stafford looking at all the gorgeous pieces in the new ‘Found’ exhibition. The work is all based on the theme of re-using ‘found’ objects and materials to create something new – so it’s totally up my street!

There is an eclectic mix of work in the exhibition including pieces made from used ceramics, stitched papers, printed work, jewellery pieces and mixed media collage work.

It  really is an opportunity to see the potential that some everyday objects – and in some cases, items that we would consider to be fit for the bin – turned into something really visually exciting and fit for a gallery setting. Kirsty Whitlock’s work is a perfect example of the magpie instinct that the exhibiting artists clearly have in bucket loads. I had the pleasure to chat with Kirsty at the private view  – she was amazingly enthusiastic about her work and when she pointed out the individual  sections of  her work and where they are from,  it is clear she is a true ‘Found’ item magpie …there is even a beautifully stitched seal from a milk carton within one of her pieces!

Just a small amount of the work created from ‘found’ objects and materials includes the 3D vessels shown above and the beautifully constructed framed paper ‘specimens’ shown below.

It was also a privilege to meet the man behind the wonderful creations shown here on the right… Screen printing is a medium that quite frankly baffles me – I can only ever manage a 2 colour print at best! The works by ‘Print Garage’ using ‘found’ record sleeves and numerous layered graphic coloured circles are beautiful.

The other pieces in the exhibition include a collaboration between Jennifer Collier and ‘Print Garage’ in the form of their paper lampshades constructed from test prints. The combination of Jennifer’s machine stitched sections in the traditional lampshade form with the pop colours on the printed papers results in a really interesting juxtaposition of old and new with contemporary graphic imagery presented in a traditional way.

The other work in the exhibition truly is an inspiration and really gets the creative juices flowing …after the initial feeling of not wanting to leave – all I wanted to do was come home and get making!

I know that my students will see the photographs from the exhibition and see new so many new ways of creating fabulous pieces of creative textiles. However, the photo’s totally don’t do the work justice – if you want to REALLY experience how fantastic the ‘Found’ exhibition is in the flesh, go and visit!

For more information on the exhibition or for directions go to the Unit 12 website:

Mrs Arty-Textiles

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