Like so many others, I have discovered how fabulous Pinterest is as a teaching tool. The recent exams were made so much easier by adding inspirational images and artists to boards for students to research.

alevel boardAs well as the obvious use of Pinterest as a student research tool – what about teachers? Personally, I am totally a ‘visual learner’ ..I need the visual imagery and experience of actually ‘seeing things’ before I can fully develop ideas. With this in mind, I started sharing images of the work that my students do (in addition to the usual updates on here and the bits that are added to the #artcubed blog.)

So, if you fancy a more visual experience – why not come and visit me on Pinterest? GCSE board There are frequently updated pictures of my students fabulous work as well as a much more visual version of my ‘Textile Artists Directory’  to inspire fellow Arty teachers and students.

artist boardIf you haven’t used Pinterest before, it’s really easy – Just a word of warning in advance though… its slightly addictive!

Happy Pinning!

Mrs Arty-Textiles

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