Using Technology to Engage

I have always prided myself on the fact that I can put a good Powerpoint presentation together – you know, using different music and images that the students can relate to (more recently using the Bitstrips app to create different versions of me to ‘speak’ to the students for lesson tasks.)

After observing others on Twitter I decided to download the ‘explain everything app’ to play with. So far I am very impressed with the ease of use; even though I have only had the app a couple of weeks,  I have already used it with GCSE students to explain areas for further detail and to support them with their annotations (inspired by the lovely @LeedsArtTeacher) to give students a clearer idea of exactly where their work needs improving with the use of visual images and written notes.

This initial success with using different ways to communicate information with students has resulted in me testing the app a bit further. The example above is the outcome of discussions with younger KS3 students during their  lessons. They like to get started quickly (this obviously benefits the lesson as they have longer to complete tasks) students also, maybe rather obviously said that they like videos and more interactive media. This got me thinking about how to start a lesson with the ‘explain everything’ app… what if every lesson had a video to set the task – would the students engage quicker? would the novelty of having a ‘video’ telling them what to do instead of me get them settled quicker?

..this is very much an experiment that will be expanded and developed to test the full potential of using the app in lessons. At the moment the voice over is provided by my daughter – the version with my croaky throat was terrible and so cringeworthy to listen to.. my year 8 students might even listen to Ruby more carefully as it’s a break from the norm.

I am really interested to see if this can develop into video demonstrations and other virtual support for use in lessons – possibly to share with other staff in the department.

‘Explain Everything’ is available on both Apple and Android – why not download it and have a play?


Mrs Arty-Textiles



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