Access Art Star

I often wonder why I write the blog.. And it’s true that I feel I have neglected it a bit recently with everything getting busy at work. However, it’s lovely to know that my ramblings on here are appreciated. I got given an ‘access art’ star a few weeks ago for the work and ideas that I share on here. I don’t do this for the thanks or the appreciation.. But it’s nice when it happens.

A little something I wrote for the Access Art website:

“I am Head of Art at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy in Lincolnshire. I am passionate about my subject and love to share ideas and student work online. I am often found imageon Twitter as well as the amazing site – a space to share ideas. I also have my own blog where I share all things specific to my subject.

The Mrs Arty Textiles blog was set up to share the general ramblings and goings on in my classroom. I had never found anything online really before that was specific to teaching Textiles within Art and design-so I started something myself.

I am always told that the most useful part of the site is the Directory of Textiles Artists, this page is added to every year as my fabulous students find new and more interesting textile artists during their project work.

I am a firm believer that supporting each other sharing resources, showing off student work and generating conversation about art teaching is the way forward. I find the virtual community of art teachers such a supportive bunch and I am always more than happy to share ideas as I find just as many when I need a spark of inspiration for my teaching/planning.”
Twitter: @mrsartytextiles

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