Using book creator app – Making Fabulous Resources

After sharing my usual ramblings on Twitter about my teaching resources I was approached by the @bookcreator app team to write a little something about how I use the app in my teaching and to support the students with their learning.



My top tips for a successful book

  • Think about your image. What will be your key colour for the book? Make sure that it doesn’t over shadow the content. But make sure that there is a consistent accent of this colour on every page.
  • Think about the size of the content on your pages. Try not to make things too small – this is particularly important if you are planning on asking students/parents to read the book on a smartphone.
  • Make sure that you number the pages. This will save time and avoid confusion when you need to set tasks quickly or refer to particular sections of the book in class.
  • Think about how you ‘brand’ your book. Just as it is important to create a consistent look for the pages within each book, if you are planning to create a collection of resources to compliment your existing classroom display or to fit with a certain theme, make sure that they fit. It honestly makes the difference to how the students engage with the resources that you produce.
  • Make sure that you save and publish the books in a range of formats. This allows easy distribution to meet the needs of everyone. PDF files are good for use in school and for printing but can be a bit big for emailing as attachments. To overcome this, a cloud drive (like Dropbox) is a good idea to save your work from home to be able to access in school.
  • Don’t make it too complicated! Try to keep page layouts simple, plan each page roughly and paste all of your backgrounds in before building in your other content… it saves LOADS of time this way!


To read the full article follow the link below:


Mrs Arty-Textiles


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