Textile product design and make: Yr 6 enrichment

So the first day of the college Christmas holidays came around.. Rather than sitting and relaxing (or perhaps last minute shopping/wrapping like most staff at the end of a busy term) I was teaching. Teaching textiles to year 6 to be precise.

The day was set to be a whistle stop tour of KS3 design and technology textiles…an opportunity to give the children a true taste of what secondary school might be like next year. To help with their transition but also give them something challenging and that little bit different at the end of the term.

They were busy all day and learnt:

  • Two different types of hand stitch
  • Secret tips for making stitches strong 
  • My top tips for starting and finishing off their stitches
  • How to make their own print blocks 
  • How to create neat prints to embellish their product surface
  • How to evaluate their work using subject specific keywords 

The outcomes were brilliant, the children really stepped up and understood the need for quality within their product manufacture.. They even enjoyed the evaluation session with the help of ‘keyword bingo’ as a starter! Always lovely to see enthusiasm for spelling and literacy.

“I’ve loved today. Can you come back and do more tomorrow please?”


“I can actually do sewing now. My stocking is epic!”

“I won bingo. It’s been really awesome.”

I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to do lots more workshops next year as a part of my education consultancy and training.

If you would like to discuss a bespoke session for your students or staff for delivery in July please contact me on mrsartytextiles@gmail.com 

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