#Nurture1617 Best bits of 2016 and plans for 2017

Summarised in visual form, the best bits of 2016 as well as the plans for 2017. I am refusing this year to call them ‘wishes’ as is the norm with such reflections.. going to try a bit of positive thinking. These plans are going to happen… hopefully.

So.. watch this space. Hopefully this time next year I will be able to share the positive stuff and tell tales of book publishing, education training, presenting my slightly bonkers approach to teaching at northern rocks 2017 and feeling ok about Ruby’s first term at secondary school (she may have the attitude of a 16 year old but she still seems way too little for such a big school.. I know, standard mum panic!)

Plans for the Mrs Arty-Textiles site in 2017

Will be trying my best to keep the blog update too over the next year. I am determined to (finally) get the pages sorted and provide even more ‘go to’ resources for students and teachers of Arts subjects, the feedback that I recieve for the directory pages in particular is lovely. 

I also know how useful people find the different creative resources shared on Twitter as well as the support materials for across the whole range of different subjects.. its pretty much my education philosophy: “The best education has a good dollop of creativity!” ..not just in Arts subjects. For this reason I’ll be consolidating things and getting this site a bit more user friendly for those who want to dip into the things shared.

There will obviously be lots of stuff in the ‘Quirky Classroom’ book too – keep an eye out for news on a publishing date and details of how to get hold of a copy. 

Follow me on Twitter @mrsartytextiles for regular updates.

LOTS to look forward to next year.. wishing you all a positive and creative 2017 

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