Some of the most useful websites used to inspire my planning and my students – Check back regularly as the list will be updated when I find new ones.

Websites for Arty inspiration:  a really good website to browse the index of makers and find some new inspiration! a group of the most influential textile artists and makers around – up to date information on their latest work and news. the official Victoria and Albert museum website – full of all sorts of useful information, images as well as up to date information of the exhibitions so that you can plan a research visit. an obvious one but well worth a mention – if you don’t currently have a Pinterest ccount it is really easy to set up. The quality of images on Pinterest is so much better thatn a standard ‘google search’ .. fabulous either for your own planning of teaching resources/presentations etc. or whether you want to direct students to better quality visuals as part of their research.


Websites for Arty work experience, enrichment and employability an amazing site with the ability for students to upload their creative works and see them turned into actual products – a fabulous tool to encourage employability and how Art fits into the real world. an online dashboard to help you to design, create and sell your own designs in the form of fabrics and wallpapers. This company is based in the US but ships to UK. the UK version of spoon flower .. A UK based company who offer a design dashboard to upload, edit and digitally print fabrics with your own design. When designs are authorised they will also be available for sale in their online marketplace. 
Websites for Teaching inspiration is a lovely positive place where teachers from all sectors share their experiences and ideas from the classroom. the blog stories are short and sweet (limited to 500 words) so they are quick to flick through and are a really easy read during a coffee break. If you feel inspired.. why not sign up and start sharing yourself? is a new sharing space for teachers of FE to ‘show and tell’ resources that work for them. There are downloads available for you to then be able to use yourself.




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